About Us

‘MIND & METTLE’ is a recruitment consulting firm for leadership hiring. We work for ...

  • COMPANIES wanting to hire leadership talent
  • PROFESSIONALS aspiring for leadership positions

The successful companies are known by their leadership talent and we specialize in sourcing it for them. Talent evaluation and recruitment, being our core business, the companies use our services as a part of their business strategy to build leadership talent for them. This leaves our clients with more time to concentrate on their core business than spending time on head-hunting. Additionally, the productivity gain by the companies in hiring the best-fit talent through us justifies the recruitment fee they pay to us. We edge-out other recruiting firms in making a mature assessment of senior talent and are quick in responding to talent needs of our clients.

Established in 1998, we at ‘MIND & METTLE’ have been assisting some of the top organizations in adding value to their talent-pool from industries as diverse as Telecom, FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Retail, IT, Financial Services, KPOs, Insurance, Infrastructure (Power, EPC, Projects, etc), international trading, Automobiles, Media, etc.

SeniorManagementJOBS.COM is one of our service brands truly reflecting our competence in this area as we help organizations transform through acquisition of best-fit talent from the industry. We also assist professionals in getting the best possible opportunity corresponding to their credentials. Our platform on the net - SeniorManagementJOBS.COM - helps us attract premium talent, as we have been serving them sensibly and responsibly with full confidentiality.

Our Code of Ethics

Since recruitment industry is not regulatory driven, we have self-imposed the following code of ethics

  • Not to introduce a candidate with our client without his/her consent.
  • To Share the Company details and Job Description with candidate for his/her informed consent. This is to ensure that there are no last minute candidature withdrawals on selection.
  • Not to encourage candidates to fudge their credentials, however, they are guided responsibly to mention the relevant factual experience in their Resume.
  • Not to charge from the candidates.
  • Not to poach employees of our clients
  • To maintain a ‘Caution List’ of candidates who do not fulfill their joining commitments. Such candidates are not introduced again to any of our clients.
  • To introduce Applicants to clients only after they have been assessed against the respective position
  • To promote our clients among the potential job aspirants
  • To Pay Service Tax, charged from the clients, to Govt on time.

Our Clients

  • COMPANIES wanting to hire leadership profiles
  • (Telecom, FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Retail, IT, Financial Services, KPOs, Insurance, Infrastructure- Power / EPC / Projects, international trading, Automobiles, Media, etc.)

  • FUNCTIONAL HEADS aspiring for new leadership opportunities
  • (Sales & Marketing, Engineering, IT / ITES, Finance, Analytics, SCM, Legal, HR)

The Leadership Placements

Placements are done in functions as diverse as Engineering, Quality, SCM, Finance, Analytics, Legal, Company Secretarial, Marketing & Communications, Sales, HR, Customer Service, etc. across industries in Indian and MNC corporates.

How We Ensure Confidentiality of Leadership Profiles

Senior professionals, who would not like to be publically visible on Job-sites, register with us through our website – www.SeniorManagementJOBS.COM, however, their profiles are not viewable to public on this platform. This ensures confidentiality of their intent to change while they explore new opportunities through us. Moreover, their candidature is not shared with a company without their consent.